Lukas Equipment has set itself the task of supporting the healing processes that arise out of the connection with and the remembrance of our own spiritual experience, and out of the awareness of being aligned with our soul.

Our energy healing tools are constructed in an atmosphere of love and purity, and their design and functional principles are based on insights resulting from a conscious communication with the soul.

These energy healing devices are developed under the guidance of an activated soul consciousness and represent a state of catharsis and purity upon their completion.

By means of spiritual schooling techniques and by application of the principles of resonance relating to quartz crystals, we have managed to maximise the energy vibrations of our products and to seal them against external influences.

Thus the customer benefits from a level of frequency which can be experienced as an expansion of consciousness manifested on the physical plane.

In this way, it is possible to experience healing directly via the principle of purification.


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Translation: Beate Hanschitz