Healing devices or tools are upholders of the dimensions


We usually live in the third dimension, the physical dimension.
However, anyone who has ever gone on a journey to his Inner Self - his soul and spirit - knows that there are other dimensions.

But why are these other dimensions only within us?

Because that which we are not willed to pull into the Outside, remains within our Inner Self, with our soul and God.
And also, because we have quite simply distanced ourselves from it.
We can only experience the multidimensional phenomena in and through the people who have internalised this experience.
Now the time of regainig our full expression has begun. That is why there is such a hunger for knowledge and general search for meaning at present. For the question of " Why do we, mankind, exist?" has remained unanswered for too long. Certainly also, because up to now only few have asked it.
Precisely this question has now become of global importance, since a purely physical life is generally no longer considered to be exclusively desirable.

In addition, science has become conscious of the limitations of pure analysis and is pursuing the question of "Where does matter come from?".

In order to be able to conceive the principle, the why, the basis for this, it makes sense to subdivide Creation as a whole into several dimensions (levels), to initially make the individual phenomena accessible to our mind, and after considering them singly, to verify the realisations won through feeling them with our heart, and then to reassemble everything.
As it is already stated in alchemy: "Coagula et solve."

That will be the task of the new sciences and of all those who search for God in all that surrounds us.
And science begins at the individual because everyone who "is knowing" (Latin: scient = the present participle of scre,to know;/ skei-, to discern;) or produces knowledge (German:"Wissen-schaf-tler") is a scientist. Naturally, not everyone does so for a profession.

Much research is done in concealment.
Now the time has come for disclosing all the secrets. In so far as these can be understood by us and we are ready to live by them.
This new knowledge and thereby also the new sciences, live in us, in every individual - in some more than others, because perhaps s/he is here because of it.

However, all the fragments of truth must be united into a Whole. And everybody is a part of this. Quite definitely, in his or her own way.
That is why global communication is of such importance. So that information can be exchanged and examined. It is one of the factors allowing you to read these lines.

From the fourth dimension onward, the separation that we experience no longer exists.

How can we overcome this separation?

First of all through our will. Because this is the driving force of our life.
It is not for nothing that we have the proverb: "Where there's a will, there's a way."
So it's up to us, for everyone must DO his steps himself.

If now you want to explore the dimensions in detail, you must expose yourself to this experience. However, this can only come about in a workshop situation, as the supporting energy of another soul, which has already internalised this experience, is required for this.

Each contact based on universal love is a lesson and a teacher. This means that a love relationship can also have this quality, if universal knowledge stands behind it and is a driving force in this partnership.

Healing devices and tools

Energy healing devices and tools act according to a single purpose, namely to bridge the dimensions, that is, the levels of being, and unite them in the body. That is to say, they allow the user to experience the abundance of possibilities available to him as a human being.
As a result, s/he becomes more aware and any gaps or resistance are resolved. Once the spiritual causes are recognised and if the experience which grows out of them wants to be ended, illness and pain become redundant.

In this way, a healing device or tool is also an aid for spiritual insight, as experiences are made during the healing process, which make the overall scheme of Creation more transparent and allow a realisation of our place in life.

The only thing necessary and to be considered when using the healing devices or tools, is a clear intention. That is, to set the conditions for the healing.

What is it that wants to be healed?

Then you give yourself over to universal love and the power of your soul.
For that is where true healing is.

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Translation: Beate Hanschitz