For all those visitors to our home page who are interested in finding out more about energy healing, we explain some basic principles of healing here:

How to achieve lightness in the body
the integration of consciousness and soul

The cause for illness on the physical plane is an imbalance in the body's energy system.

In order to adjust this imbalance we use magnetic fields, which are generated by crystals.

When a person enters an energy field generated by crystals, this effects an equilibrium in the organism, you feel centred or re-aligned.

As all parts of the body have their particular function, that is, follow a specific energy, malfunctions can be cleared through setting the appropriate pattern of crystals around the body or on the body.

Everything that has become misaligned returns step by step into the natural flow.

Anything that is experienced as the "heaviness" of life, pressure or pain is a blockade of energy and can be cured through energy healing.

The blockade (illness) is always the result of a habit or pattern of thinking , which, after exposing its root, can be understood and adjusted, in order to let go and move on, the lighter for its resolution.

In addition, it is a characteristic quality of magnetic energy to call up vitalising forces, which are required by the body for the restoration of its equilibrium.

"Strength lies in tranquility."

By means of quartz crystals it is possible to achieve this inner tranquility, which is, strictly speaking, a

"being centred"

since minerals,
(including those of the body), represent the natural order and thus bring the human being back to his "intrinsic blueprint".

That includes:

Being healthy means that the communication between mental and spiritual information is manifested through the body. (That is, living your truth.)
The consciously aware individual brings this to all areas of his life, in order to serve the whole - which is universal existence.
This gives life meaning and purpose, it leads to peace and, for the individual, joy.
Illness, to my understanding, is everything that blocks the flow of energy, causing dis-ease and hindering us in the lightness and freedom of being.

The illusion of external notions as to how something should be, as opposed to our inner knowledge - our personal truth, is the polarity within which we live.

Unfortunately, the external pressure is often stronger than our own feelings, our inner voice. If we are guided by the outer, it becomes impossible to hear the inner healer, who is inside everyone of us, until eventually he falls silent.

It is part of the energy healing process to restore this connection, to achieve more lightness in the body and, therefore, in our lives, in order to come a step closer to "our true home".

Magnetic healing therapy balances the polarities. It helps to release the old, to integrate new strength and it creates a space for the soul, in which true healing of the body can begin.


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Translation: Beate Hanschitz