The programming of crystals

Energy flows. This flow is due to a conductor.

Energy, electric currents, flow through our bodies and are vital to us, and power lines surround us which can be harmful to us on contact.

In terms of magnetism, we have the body's own, the planetary and all the other magnetic fields which living beings emit and need for their existence, and we have X-rays, of which a surplus is equally harmful.

If thus we have electric current and magnetism in us, what conducts this energy?

The minerals and liquids which make up our bodies.
The minerals (or material in which they are, as in bone, imbedded), conduct the magnetism and the liquids in which they are dissolved, conduct the current, or more precisely the electrical element of energy.

What controls this energy?

The power of mind.
Thought, understandig and the imagination.

Why thought?

Because thinking is an electro-magnetic process, as it affects both electronic and magnetic energy, and is, moreover, made up of both.

What, then, powers thought?

Feeling - the individual human life force.
That lies at the root of thought, until it rises beyond mere human existence, to integrate Spirit and the soul into earthly life. That is, until the human being allows himself to experience his soul and Spirit.

How does energy come into the body and/or why is it not always there?

The programmes designed by our thinking control the flow of our energy and determine where it goes.
Namely because "energy flows where attention goes."
Thus your energy is transported to whoever or whatever your attention is focussed on.
It then either comes back amplified or is used up there.

If there is no connection to the higher energies, which are always available in sufficient quantity, the energy stored in the body is used up and weakness or loss of control results.

If you now recharge yourself through others, rather than your own emotions, it leads to dependency.
That is because no individual effort to balance your energies, which is easily done by a request to higher levels, is undertaken anymore.

Is that controllable?

Yes, by controlling energy.
The energy of the emotions and the thinking that drives them. Thought and feeling - feeling and thought - it's a circle.

You can also regain control by letting go of the thinking patterns built up over the years, which are stored in the physical substance of your body.

However, something is needed to set these patterns in motion. That precisely is the function of crystals, as they make magnetism flow and it is the quality of magnetism to convey thoughts - that is, energy.

The programs in the crystals make it possible to determine which energy is to be transported.
That is, which basic function the energy should fulfil.
This, of course, requires knowledge and understanding thereof.

Crystal healers, magnetic and energy healers are usually qualified to impart this knowledge. Also, there are good teachers and specialised schools the world over, such as the Lukas-Akademie in Klagenfurt/Austria Akademie in Klagenfurt/Austria, who have set themselves the task of spreading this knowledge.

Aren't all crystals in themselves programmed anyway?

Yes and no.
No, because each programme is guided by consciousness, by the programmer so to speak (that is, the love of the spiritual entity).
Yes, because all crystals conduct the energy with which they are programmed.

The same applies to the crystals still in the earth.
They are full of the programmes mankind has lived up to now, that we have created with our past consciousness.
This is because when a certain energy is transported for a period of time, a habit or pattern is built up.
For this reason, cleansing and programming are so important.
Otherwise, evolution is held up and nurtured at the present point.

In addition, we are already existing in the fourth dimension and this must be taken into account when working with crystals.
Because, within the dimensions in which the programming is undertaken, it is necessary to aim for the highest possible expansion.
This only applies in relation to the new level added to this planet. However, the old karmic levels have been partially dispersed and there is no point in clinging to these, that is, continuing to live a limited expansion that is restricted to this planet.

On the new universal levels, which, through the work of spiritually orientated individuals combined with the help of the planetary as well as the creator Spirit, have achieved a more extensive connection to the universal forces, it is easy to experience this expansion and also to get in touch with one's own soul and thus encounter GOD.
For this reason, among others, there are programmed crystals.
Some with very, very old energies, which are still to be unearthed, and those being programmed with the energies of the evolution that is now happening.

Which crystals can be programmed?

Clear quartz is preferably used, that is, rock crystal.

The coloured minerals already convey the frequency which corresponds to their colour.

As programming means installing an energy to fulfil a function, it is best not to use crystals containing colours, unless precisely the frequency of that colour is required.

This does not apply to mineral inclusions. They can support the programme to be installed, but naturally the type of mineral inclusion and its function within the crystal must be taken into consideration.

Smoky quartz (Cairngorm), for example, is more in resonance with the frequencies of the earth, and should therefore be utilised when grounding or strengthening the contact to the earth is indicated.

What is meant by programming crystals?

This is the process whereby the entire intrinsic potential of a crystal is activated and from this great spectrum of energies and frequencies, that part which is to be transported by that particular crystal is defined.

It is like cleansing the water of which it originally consists so that you can see to the ground.

Rock crystals are windows through and into the world of Spirit, that is, the dimensions that make up the spirit world.

What ways of programming are possible and make sense?

There are three fundamental principles governing the flow of universal energy :
Expansion, contraction (or compression) and equilibrium.
Therefore the natural possibilities are communication, education and healing.
A communication crystal supports a channel, or a medium, in contacting Spirit and helps to keep this connection pure.

An education crystal can be compared to a memory storage unit, with easy access knowledge.
That is how, in the future, and even now, learning will take place : by reading crystals and memorising that knowlegde in the body. There it activates itself on demand, eg. in the case of a question on that topic, as the answer.
The advantage of this way of knowing, is that it is pure, unadulterated and not coloured by emotions.
Emotions ought to originate in yourself and not to be taken over from others.
Everyone is an individual, and therefore unique, and s/he makes their own experiences with emotional expression which are necessary for their soul growth.

The healing crystal, as it is after programming, fulfils the function of balancing the energies it encounters. This is due to the crystal conducting magnetism, which neutralises the "+"" and "-" states within the whole organism.
In other words, it brings forth the energy of that universal soul aspect or spiritual entity (angel energy) which, following the laws of resonance, vibrates at the same frequency as your own soul, which, of course, is part of the universal energy.
Whereby the user, that is, the individual, determines what he needs.
That is a natural, organic process, since the body and its life forces know what is needed.
The energy flow results solely from the needs of the body and does not always need to be specified.

For this reason, programming is so important - so that it can be designated which function the energy should fulfill: whether healing, communication or education is the goal.
It is like when you decide to travel fast.
Do you take the car, in order to move on the ground, or an airplane, in order to fly through the air, or a rocket, in order to reach the moon. All of these certainly help you travel fast, but you can see the difference.

Why does this equilibrium function in the body?

Imagine a magnetic rod. On one end we have a positive pole and on the other a negative pole.

Where now do the + & - come from?

Since + and + repel each other, as do the - , and only + & - attract each other, it can be seen that there is an attraction of opposites.
And it is obvious that the magnetic lines, which weave a path in and around the magnetic rod, only enter into a relationship with each other.

Since another + pole would be repelled by the +.


How do I use such programmed crystals in healing?

They are placed, singly or in patterns, on and around the body.
This causes the energy system of the individual to vibrate in resonance and this activates that frequency in the overall system.

That is a natural process through which all life functions.

It is like with an instrument, when a tone is struck, the instrument or its sound box begins to resonate and you can feel the sound.
In this case, the body is the instrument itself and the crystal is the tone which is struck.

In magnetic fields which are generated by way of several crystals, the energy that fills a particular need would correspond to a new musician with a unique instrument , to continue the metaphor, who restores the overall harmony of the orchestra, a sort of conductor.

This is experienced as freshness or lightness in the body.

In terms of ernergy, an equilibrium has been achieved and the blueprint of the human being is reactivated and is now able to supply the body with the energy necessary to effect a cure.

But only, and this is very important, if it is the will of the person involved.



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Translation: Beate Hanschitz