As we work exclusively with rock crystals, we would like to discuss some research findings here:

The Rock Crystal

Rock crystal - as clear as ice - it is, in its purity, one of the greatest gifts of nature.

Rock crystals are carriers of the life energy of earth and stored in their crystalline matrix is the power of light and sound.
In this way, they nurture our physical aspects and also our inner being.

They intensify energy and facilitate its flow.

Rock crystal dissolves energy blockades, cleanses the soul and spirit and strengthens the crystalline qualities in the body.
In addition to its intuitive and spiritual powers, the rock crystal has been proved to have multiple healing powers.
Rock crystals help us in transformation processes, to find balance in all aspects of our life.

Fundamental physical function

Human life is based on the flow of electro-magnetic frequencies in the physical body.

We experience this as a feeling of expansion. So that this energy - this feeling - can move, it needs magnetism and magnetism in turn needs a conductor.
All the minerals of the body are this conductor.

If, as in the case of bodily weakness, illness or convalescence, additional energy is required, this must come from the outside and for this, crystals are indispensable as a magnetic conductor.

Or, on another level, you will reach a point in your life where you decide to carry your spiritual evolution forward.

Here especially, crystals are important and most effective "tools", since they support us on this path because they are in connection with the higher levels of existence.
Rock crystal, according to recent findings, has the quality of attracting and transferring atoms.

Science also already recognizes that there must be states outside the physical one, which determine the creation of matter. And too, that atoms connect to these "states", that they transport energy.
And this energy is of a higher nature.

That is the explanation as to why quartzes - in particular rock crystal, as the clearest of the quartzes, are able to conduct spiritual, universal and above all magnetic frequencies.
And also why crystals allow themselves to be programmed, that is, attuned to a particular energy.

Finally, it is an energetic fact, that crystals conduct magnetism. And where there is magnetism, there is electricity - that is, energy.
So the belief in whether this is so, that energy flows, is not of consequence. It takes place anyway.

What, however, is important, in order to be able to "hear ", is the belief that you have a soul and/or that there is a part in you that has eternal existence.
Both mean the same.

For, you can only "hear", if you "listen" with your heart. If you FEEL for it.

This means you now have two opportunities:

  1. Your soul has access to everything, you only to that which you can imagine. Therefore, it makes sense to try it out, to see how it feels.
    You can realise many things and definitely learn a great deal. And you always have the choice of rejecting the information at any point.
  2. The energy flows through the magnetic field created by the crystals.
    You will certainly feel lighter after the process (healing).

However, do you also want to know why?

If you want to know, you must feel it, with your heart.

This is so because the knowledge reaches your body through your soul/the feeling in your heart and only then can you "read" it .
But, of course, as with reading. you must learn how, so give yourself time.

If you share and exchange experiences with somebody, it becomes much easier.

Because, of course, two see more than one and the motivation for going on also increases.

"Giving up" won't run away. This alternative is always there.

However, is it not rewarding to find out what things there are inside you?


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Translation: Beate Hanschitz