The school of life

This refers to the fundamental principles to be recognized in life and to be learned through experience.

Why do you find this link on a home page about energy healing tools?

For a number of reasons:

  1. We all share the experience of life as human beings.

  2. Because healing begins at what it means to be a human being.

  3. In counselling our clients, we can indeed draw on the rich treasure of our souls' experiences, however, the interpretation of those relies on human values as the decisive factor in the overall framework.
    Because, of course, a human being speaks through us, and sits opposite us.

  4. It is necessary to clothe our spiritual experiences in new, contemporary garments.

In our healing work we have realised that often great difficulties develop in dealing with "normal life" and we would like to share some of our findings with you.
We all have to make own experiences and that is, in a way, the price of our individuality, as well as its benefit.
We must accept that and find our freedom within it.
To derive our motivation from it or even discover it there.

We must honor the service our souls wish to perform and yet achieve contentment as human beings.
That this may lead to conflict is clear.

It is our recurring task to find satisfaction in the work of and for our soul, in order to be fulfilled and happy.

So where does that leave the human side of us?

What, in fact, does it mean, being human?

I do not think that anyone can at present answer this question completely!
Except, of course, for the advice to taste life and to experience its heights and depths, to walk with your soul.
In my opinion, it is more the case that we all do our best in order to then, later on, at an advanced age, reach a conclusion. Either by ourselves or within the circle of our companions.

And are we not, as human beings, still at the beginning? Can we already imagine what it will be like to be fully conscious universal beings?
That is where our evolution will take us.

Or how our society will develop and how we will interact with our brothers and sisters throughout the entire universe?
For that is definitely to come.

As you see, there is a lot to be learned, through experiencing and living it.

A tenet you can try out with everyone you meet along the way, for each individual reflects another aspect of universal existence, even if s/he seems a very emotional personality.

Remember that the earth teaches us and we teach HER.

In conclusion, a message along the way:

I hope and truly wish you that you may be allowed to be what is right for you in your learning process and that no-one hang a judgement "around your neck", and that, should it be so, even if it does not reach you because you are no longer open to it, this cause no damage and that the person concerned may be touched by your riches and enlightened.

We will do our best with our energy healing tools to make your life, and thereby, your work as healer, which is what we humans are, easier.

We love YOU.


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Translation: Beate Hanschitz