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This refers to the healer and biblical apostle Luke (in German "Lukas"), whose energy we perceive as emerald green. The service which this planetary master soul performs for mankind is the essence of healing.
Every healer is well advised to heed the advice of this ascended master in healing.

His healing wisdom also includes the use of sounds and colours, the relationship between them, and when and where to apply them with relation to our energy bodies.

He is a wise and loving mentor in all questions of energy design.

In fact, ultimately, all energy is a triangulation of frequencies.

Therefore, it was natural for us, when finding a framework and name for our products, to embrace the energies of the healing master Luke.

What are the aims of LUKAS EQUIPMENT?

With our work we wish to support all those who are applying themselves to healing individuals or any aspect of life, and who want to accomplish this work in a beautiful environment.

We do this in various ways:

How are healing tools created?

The first step is always the question of what is needed, that is, which energy is it necessary to transport.

Because each healing tool of LUKAS EQUIPMENT is a device to transport a specific frequency - or a combination of specific frequencies - within a carrier energy.
Like a train which brings several healers to the place of treatment, because the scope of the treatment would be too much for just one.

That which is needed may arise out of external factors, the wishes and requirements of our clientele, or may be made known to me through communication with my soul.

The next step is the construction, the connection and composition of the required energies.

Then the preparation, possibly the cutting and polishing of the crystals, followed by the programming of the crystals and, finally, the anchoring of the appropriate thought in the assembled structure.

How is a healing room constructed?

The first question is always, what do you want? Or, in other words, what kind of healing do you perform and which energies do you want/or have to work with, as a result?
Out of this a concept or principle arises!

And everything that follows is subject to this principle:

  1. the relation of proportions
  2. the basic form, the life pattern
  3. the energy of Spirit, which is called into service through this healer and this space
  4. the choice of frequency-transporting colour
  5. the form key
  6. the dimensional anchor
  7. the overshadowing frequency
  8. and lastly (often, in fact, firstly) the material.

No dogmas are applicable, as everything arises out of the service to be performed.

What schooling do we undertake?

How to work with these principles and concepts.

In detail:

In closing, a message from the spiritual world:

The balancing of energies is a planetary necessity. The energies of Spirit are always with you. We are awaiting your call. We have guardians of energy everywhere on the planet. They are in service in order to help mankind in its endeavour to achieve Oneness through love. We love you.

Lukas und Malinto


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Translation: Beate Hanschitz