Everything has a beginning.
We are born and we give back our physical life once we have ended all our experiences or when the force driving us withdraws.
Creation, too, has a beginning. Because the Original Light, on which everything subsequent is based, came into existence at some time. Everything comes out of IT and everything will also return to IT some time. As like must always come to like.
Naturally, many questions developed out of our Creation's desire for self-realisation, and are looking for answers. It is like when the father, or mother, send their children out into the world, to make their own experiences with and within it.
Our souls came into being exactly out of this point. So we are, each in ourselves, a question that the Creation is aking of itself, without our being able to, or having to, be separate from IT. For we always remain a part of IT, and therefore loved.
However, we have been given an additional freedom, physical life as a human being. In this life and on this, our beloved Earth, it is possible for us even to withdraw from this love. We then call that darkness, that is absence of Light or the love of God.


Because we are so loved that we are allowed to create every imaginable experience for ourselves, so that we may recognize what it is WORTH. What it is that we, so to speak, love in God's stead or reject. And throughout this, our parents never stop standing by us with their supporting love.
So, it is our freedom of choice.

And everyone acting out his life, on whatever level or in whatever form, is ultimately only searching for the realisation of what it is worth.
However, we are not alone on this planet. Many other people and beings exist here. We can exchange experiences with them, learn from them and share the realisations we have gained with them. For in such a way, we recognize what arises out of the Division and we can develop a feeling for how others experience what has resulted out of our uniqueness.
In this way, we are always the origin of something new. We learn from this and Creation also grows through this. Either our own, the earthly one or the Universal, that is EVERYTHING.
And what goes out from us, must also return to us in some form, or we should not be able to complete any experience. We know this and we are also searching for this.
Of course, we need to take into consideration that everything interacts with others/energies on its path and as a result, gains experience and therefore becomes more.

Thus, our souls will, at the end of their growing, find their way back to the symbolic Garden of Eden.
We are on the best way to fulfilling this, even if this evolution is not realised and/or desired by everyone.
But this also, as it comes from a beginning, will in the end have to return to the point where it began and realisation will be the result.

We honour this freedom.
Our healing devices follow the origin i.e. they activate the knowledge invested in the human being. That, which has been called the Blueprint elsewhere.
Furthermore, because they are based on the principles of resonance of quartz, that is silicon, a connection to higher dimensions takes place when they are employed, and through the love of the acting healer, grace is experienced.
This means that in the healing, the effects of many of the energies which otherwise need to be transformed through experience, can be given back to the formholding entities of this planet, and if the patient truly wishes to end the connected experience, s/he is FREED of its repercussions.
These are the magnificent forces at present acting on Earth and aiding us through their love. Crystal healing devices or tools help to transport these energies.


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Translation: Beate Hanschitz